Monday, 14 May 2012


So, I would pretty much do anything for this top. I've had the tab favourited for ages and ages and ages. Even with the ridiculous $10 p+p, it's only about £21 when you convert it into english money, which is pretty cool, I'm gonna beg my mom and be really nice to her and hopefully she'll get it for me.

I want this even though I'm fairly sure it wouldn't suit me and I couldn't pull it off.

Looking like a homeless crackhead in my new passport photo. 
I don't know why my hair looks so dark, but I kinda like it. Kinda want to dye my hair that colour. 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

I got about £40 when I sold my creepers, and I just spent it all in about 10 minutes.
The cheaper platform sneakers I found were out of stock, so I had to get the ones I was originally going to get, which only left me with about £10 after. I bought the tie dye laces, a 50 pack of silver studs that I'm going to put on a few different things, a hat, and directions hair dye because I'm all out.
After all that I've got about 90p, and I can't find anything I want for that little, so.