Monday, 25 April 2011

Just going to post one of the days from my tumblr 30 day challenge on here because it seems relevent to the type of things I post on here. The rest are at

Day 21. What you hope your future will be like.

For a start, I want to travel a lot, mostly when I’m young. If anyone’s read/seen Into The Wild or read about Christopher McCandless then I want it to be like that, only without dying. I want to just disappear for a while and do amazing things that I’ll remember forever and nobody will ever know where I went unless I tell them. At some point in my life I want to volunteer somewhere for a charity and help people somehow. When I’m an old woman I want to know that I did something good with my life.
I’m hoping that at some point I’d fall in love. Real love where it lasts forever. If I ever get married and have kids (and I definitely want kids, even if I never find love and get married I want to have children somehow) then I want to move to france, or norway or somewhere that I find beautiful. I’ve always thought france but I love norway too (I am norwegian) and I think norway would make my grandparents happy. My children would speak french/norwegian at school and english at home and when they’re going to start secondary school or something we’d move them to London or New York or some big beautiful city because I don’t think you can really be a teenager and not grow up in a city.
When I’m an old lady I want to move to St Bees, it’s a little seaside village in cumbria where my grandparents live now and where my dad/aunt/uncle grew up when they moved to england from norway. It’s my favourite place in the world.
I don’t mind if the second part doesn’t happen, but I’m going to travel while I’m young and live in St Bees while I’m old.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

It's easter and I thought eating some chocolate might make me feel better but now I just feel sick as well as miserable.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Just gonna make a post about what happened last night.
  • We met at southbank, there was an “mcrmy meetup” near us which was pretty funny to watch. We got alcohol, started drinking.
  • Got more alcohol, got drunk. Talked to a few of the mcr people ahah.
  • My friend called me up asked if I wanted to go meet her in camden, normally I hate going to camden but whatever.
  • From here I don’t really remember too much, I saw some people I used to know when I was like 13. This one guy had a dog so I was just sitting on the ground playing with that for a while, it licked my face and stuff ahah.
  • Made out with these two girls and I’m pretty sure we did stuff in a pub toilets, I’m not too sure. I think all this was before the dog thing though actually LOL.
  • My other friend called up asked if I wanted to come round, I said I didn’t have any money for a travelcard and he said I should just get a taxi and he’d pay for it, so I did that then when I was in his area he wasn’t picking up. I was so pissed. So I called my dad and went to his and on the way there my friend called me like “I was downstairs where are you now come back” but I was pissed off and tired so I just went to my dad’s. Anyone who knows me knows this is crazy because I don’t see him at all ever.
  • Got drunker, had wine, smoked, talked, listen to music, idek.
  • Woke up, got dressed, threw up loads, had a shower. My brother came over, we went to the pub and I got some food.
Decided I should finally fill in more of my facebook profile.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Got these beautiful things today, they're bronze docs for anyone who can't tell. Pretty happy about that.
I feel pretty sad though recently, idk, sucks a bit, but I'll probaby feel better soon.
I've got about 12 disposable cameras lying around, from last year until about now. Idk when I'll get around to developing them. I also found a few old ones when I swapped rooms with my sister last week, no idea when they're from. I've got the ones from america too and the ones from last weekend when we went to france.
I'm going to a party tomorrow, hopefully that'll be good. I need to go to a good party.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Haven't been on this in a while, first thing I should probably mention is I'm not dating that girl anymore.
I've got my laptop back (obviously) and my new ipod arrived and I've swapped rooms with my sister.
I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, pretty short. I'll post a picture of what I'm going to do to it:

Yeah so I'm doing it like that. It might not suit me but it's too hot for my hair to be this long and it's got to the point where I don't care so much. I pretty much tie my hair up every day now anyway so.
I feel miserable recently.