Friday, 22 April 2011

Just gonna make a post about what happened last night.
  • We met at southbank, there was an “mcrmy meetup” near us which was pretty funny to watch. We got alcohol, started drinking.
  • Got more alcohol, got drunk. Talked to a few of the mcr people ahah.
  • My friend called me up asked if I wanted to go meet her in camden, normally I hate going to camden but whatever.
  • From here I don’t really remember too much, I saw some people I used to know when I was like 13. This one guy had a dog so I was just sitting on the ground playing with that for a while, it licked my face and stuff ahah.
  • Made out with these two girls and I’m pretty sure we did stuff in a pub toilets, I’m not too sure. I think all this was before the dog thing though actually LOL.
  • My other friend called up asked if I wanted to come round, I said I didn’t have any money for a travelcard and he said I should just get a taxi and he’d pay for it, so I did that then when I was in his area he wasn’t picking up. I was so pissed. So I called my dad and went to his and on the way there my friend called me like “I was downstairs where are you now come back” but I was pissed off and tired so I just went to my dad’s. Anyone who knows me knows this is crazy because I don’t see him at all ever.
  • Got drunker, had wine, smoked, talked, listen to music, idek.
  • Woke up, got dressed, threw up loads, had a shower. My brother came over, we went to the pub and I got some food.

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