Thursday, 5 May 2011

Today I met Bradley for the first time and I feel kinda bad because I was really like unenthusiastic, and I kept saying how awkward it was even though it wasn’t really that awkward. I managed to not make eye contact at all the whole day, idek why I just didn’t want to. He was at my house but that was kinda awkward and I was just on tumblr and stuff so we looked up cinema times and went to see Thor. He didn’t have a travelcard or anything and there isn’t anywhere to get on in my area and the station is in the opposite direction so we walked to the cinema which was effort but whatever, it was something to do that doesn’t involve being in my house. Yeah anyway that was pretty much it. He kept saying things like “can we cuddle / kiss / at least hold hands / will I get a hug” and I just said no because I really didn’t feel like it at all. I’m still not even sure whether or not he was joking about that or not I really don’t know. Either way I think holding hands is the most awkward and lame thing like “oh look at us we’re so cute we’re holding hands” and I’m not going to be one of those clich├ęs like making out in a cinema and I actually wanted to watch the movie (which was shit so I don’t recommend it at all).
Anyway so overrall I came off as pissed off and unenthusiastic. He asked if I was okay like a billion times over the day. Brilliant. Never a good sign. Whatever.

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