Wednesday, 10 August 2011

All the scum of London are rioting at the moment and they have all these different “reasons” for it but mostly they’re just excuses for them to break in to places and steal shit. They’re burning everything down and I feel like this is how the world will end.
I was talking to Jordan a few days ago when he was freaking out about how terrible the world is, he said that the good doesn’t matter because if everything was destroyed it wouldn’t have made a difference, or something like that. You can say exactly the same about the bad though, you can say it about anything. At the end of the day nothing really matters because we’re going to burn it all down and destroy everything.

I can't be sad though because I’ve met a boy who’s perfect for me and he has a beautiful soul and I think I might love him. I've known him just over a week. Does that make any sense? He's good for me, he makes me feel like a good person, so I think it does, he's probably perfect. 

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