Friday, 6 January 2012

I know everyone has creepers now so that suddenly makes them less amazing (apparently) but I love them.

I have two pairs, I bought my first over a year ago and ugh, I love them. They're 3 inch demonias and they're beautiful, only problem is I can't really wear them out drinking because I might trip and break my ankle and/or die.
My second are like the first two pictures only white, with a one inch platform, they're beautiful.

I want a pair in every colour. This is a really pointless post I guess, I just want to whine about how much I love them.
The five I've pictured are the ones I want most. I'd probably need atleeeeast £350 though, well, idk, if I do well on ebay I could probably get them for just over £30 each, but it's not that easy because everyone wants them now.

And, y'know, the fact I have absolutely no money doesn't exactly help.

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