Saturday, 14 January 2012

Tattoo ideas:

I turn 18 in about 7 months, and I've been planning the tattoos I want for ages now. These are some of the things I wanna get done (as soon as I have the money):

The Donnie Darko end of the world countdown on my wrist:

I want to get the moon cycle, probably on my arm in a ring. I don't have a picture to show what I mean, but similar to these.

I want a Van Gogh tattoo. This is one of my favourite paintings in the world, I want to get it so it sort of fades into the other tattoos that I get, idk. The second pictures aren't the painting I'll get, but a style that I'm thinking about

And I want to get the VFD eye on my ankle, like in the books

And then on the other ankle me and my sister are getting matching forgetmenot chains

And the last one that I'm sure about atm is the one I've wanted the longest. I want it on my shoulder, in a similar style to the starry night images, it's a page from the Watchmen comic and I've seriously wanted to get this done for the last 3 or 4 years

1 comment:

  1. You are amazingly inspiring. I think that the last picture will make a wonderful tattoo.
    I am planning a VFD-tattoo for my graduation, but I think I will go with the one made by Brett Helquist.

    Am looking forward to seeing all of your tattoos in the future!