Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Just ordered these two beautiful items from romwe, which was pretty cool because I had a voucher for $30.99, a voucher for $7, and a 20% off code, I'm not sure exactly how much that is in £ but they were both $40.99, so one ended up being $10 and the other about $20 something. 
Can't wait for them to arrive. 
I've already got an awesome outfit planned for when the skirt comes and when I've bought the shoes and the tie dye laces, I'll wear it with this tie dye vest top I'm making in a week or so and it'll look great.
After I've got the shoes I'll have just over £5 left and I'm gonna get a six pack of henna tubes and watch a bunch of tutorials so I can do perfect designs, I'm really looking forward to it all.
Having money is so nice. Kinda sucks that as soon as it comes through to my paypal account I already know what I'm gonna spend it on, so it'll basically be gone in about 5 minutes aha.

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