Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I took this picture earlier today after I cut my fringe. I always overcut it and make it really short but it doesn't really bother me because it's easier than cutting it every few weeks.
I bought this awesome jacket from a charity shop earlier and I love it but it’s really puffy so I’m worried I’ll look fat or something but idk idk it’s so pretty :-))

This past week I have:
  • Gone xmas shopping a few times (only managed to find about half the things I went out to find)
  • Played with my new kitten
  • Met up with my bf
  • Gone to a “taster day” for the Princes Trust programme, which I’ll hopefully be starting in january, and then I’ll hopefully get a job after that with their help
  • Yeah I think that’s about it, but I can’t really remember.

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