Wednesday, 28 December 2011

This is practically my dream outfit, someone buy me it all please?


rtbsdgdbf by grizzlytales featuring black denim shorts

A lot of the time when I make a look on polyvore, I'll start with one or two items that I like/want and just build whatever around it, but with this it's all items that I really really want. 
The top is only £5 + about £5 p&p, and my mom almost bought it for me today but didn't, I was so upset, I swear aha. 
I've got two pairs of creepers, a black 3 inch platform ones and the white non-suede version of these, but I've always wanted blue ones and decided a month or so ago that if I get another pair I'll get blue ones. 
I've wanted the Urban Outfitters headphones for foreeeever, and I've needed a new pair of plain black shorts for even longer. 

So yeah. Somebody should buy me this whole outfit pleeease. <3


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