Wednesday, 28 December 2011

yrnfsdgrbrfsb [Another new Polyvore look that I reeally want]


yrnfsdgrbrfsb by grizzlytales featuring maryjane shoes

I'm obsessed with mary janes, I love them so much, I won't be happy until I have a pair, they're so amazing. I want the doc marten ones, but I found these amazing ones on etsy with flames on the toe, amazing. I need a job. 
I also love the sheer maxi skirts, I was gonna bid on one on ebay but it went from less than £1 to £10+ in the last ten minutes or so and I wasn't bothered, but I'll have one someday, I swear. 
Also, I want a new septum piercing, I've got a black horseshoe ring atm and I just have it flipped up all the time, I was a silver ring with a black ball so baaad.
-sigh- first world pains :-(


Joseph no sleeve shirt
$306 -

Antipodium a line skirt
$209 -

Dr. Martens maryjane shoes
$75 -

Barry M Lip Paint
$4.55 -

14 gauge Ring
$1.99 -

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